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Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: Scan Your Computer With Malware Remover

Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: Scan Your Computer With Malware Remover

Technically  virus is a kind of malware, or malicious software. Not all malware are virus. Malware can be a virus, a worm, a trojan horse, (see:
Difference between A Virus, A Worm, A Trojan Horse and Malware)
or ad-ware, spy-ware or any forms of programs or scripts that was made with malicious intent - from merely annoyance, ID/Password theft to corrupt a whole operating system. 

Unfortunately anti-virus software are primarily designed to look for computer viruses. Even though some have the features of detecting common malware, they are not enough to detect most if not all malware or even repair the damage done by these rouge software or remove them entirely from a computer system.

Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: Malware removers are capable of not just detecting and removing malwares but also repair the registry and remove scripts and other residual files that may bring back the malware to your computer.

Best solution, aside from installing a good antivirus (see:) Tips for Safer Computing: Get the Right Anti-Virus
) is install a good Anti-malware program.

I have featured here before Malware Bytes : (See: Safer Computing Utility: Malware Bytes), which is a good anti-malware program.

Another effective malware remover which also allows you to control the start-up programs plus other useful  utilities is the SpyBot Search and Destroy. (I'll be posting a review on this soon).

The two utilities mentioned above are available for free.
Download and install any one of  these two, (or if you know any good malware remover, please post the name and the url of the program on the comment box ) and scan your system with this at least once a week or whenever you think your computer has been infected with a malware.

Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: DO NOT install two different anti-virus programs, there's a tendency that two anti-virus programs will conflict with each other, or will take so much of your system memory. Worst is, with two antivirus programs, there's a chance that your computer will hang-up.

Instead, install one antivirus program and enable the live protection, and install also one anti-malware program and scan your computer regularly with both. If both anti-virus and anti-malware programs have live protection however, it might slow down your computer if it does have a limited memory. Best configuration is, enable the live protection of the anti-virus and turn off the live protection of anti-malware.

Have a safer computing


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