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About Tekbytes

Originally, Tekbytes was intended to contain information and instructions on how maintain your computer and how solve some common problems with computers these days. However, as I started postings, I have encountered and learned so many things that I could not let it pass without blogging about it.

Here's the list of the topics of what you can find what to expect from this blog.
  • tips on how to remove virus and malware manually (with and/or without any utilities)
  • tips on how to prevent virus and malwares from infecting your computer.
  • software and application (including web apps) review
  • hardware (including gadgets) review
  • software how to tutorials.
  • news and updates and other information about information technology
Intended for my students are the following
  • VB6 tutorials
  • HTML / Web design tutorials
I might also include:
  • how to make money through the Internet
Of course, I'll be inserting some funny stuff from time to time.