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Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: Do Full System Scan Regularly

Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: Do Full System Scan Regularly

“I already have a good antivirus that works well on my computer and I now update it regurlaly, So I don’t have to worry about any virus getting into my computer.”

WRONG!  In my previous post (See:  Tip for Safer Computing: Update your Anti-virus Definition Regularly), I mentioned there that new virus or variations of existing virus pop-up almost every minute and recommended that your anti-virus definition file should be updated regularly.

However it would take at least days or even weeks for an anti-virus to create a solution after a new virus comes out. So before it does, and you always go online, there are chances that a new virus could infect your computer without your anti-virus program detecting it.

Safer Computing Tip: Run a full System Scan every after you manually update your antivirus definition file

The best way to protect your computer is to run a full system scan after you manually update the antivirus definition file. Doing a full system scan enables your antivirus program scan sections of your drives that are normally not scanned by the automatic scan (also known as passive scan- usually scans your hard drive’s system  folder and root folder only, it also scans a folder only when you access it).

Full system scans all folders including hidden folders and system folders that are normally cannot be accessed or even seen by the users. These are the areas where virus /malwares usually hide.

Have a safer computing.


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