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Remove Malware With Spybot Search and Destroy.

One of the best free utilities so far that I have used is Spybot Search and Destroy. It is capable of removing most of the hard-to-remove malware. Also, it has features that protect your computer in more ways than one.

Remove Malware and Fix Problems.

On it’s default mode or the standard mode, checking your computer for malware and other problems can be done by just a click of a button. The Search for Problems button will scan your computer for spyware and other prob,ems that Spybot recognized. This feature of Spybot will scan all the files in your hard disk and your registry for problems.

When problems are found, Spybot will display the list of the problems with the details of each problem, e.g. what file or registry is the cause of the problem. The user will have the option to fix all problems or uncheck the items that would seem to a ‘false-positive’ result.

Passive Security.

Spybot also has a passive security feature in the form of immunization. The immunization feature protects your computer from known threats. It also prevents access to sites that contains spyware and other form of malware.

More Control with the Advance Tools
Switching to Advance Mode will show you options that gives you more control on the protection settings. In advance mode, you can:
  • Manage the System Startup- here you might recognize the unwanted applications and dll’s that runs on start-up.
  • Manage the Process List- this utility is an alternate way to kill the unwanted application
  • Manage the Host File- this file prevents the access to web sites that is known to install spyware or some other forms of malware.
  • Manage the Resident Protection- Spybot has two resident protection options.
    • The SDHelper which blocks the automatic download for IE and the
    • Tea Timer- an add-on that protects the computer by tracking all changes and the computer registry and prompts the user if the changes should be applied or blocked. This will help prevent malware from making any changes on your registry.
For a free software utility, Spybot Search and Destroy offers a very good protection for your computer and it is also a great program to remove problems caused by malwares, even some residual settings left behind by some malwares.

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