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Tip for Safer Computing: Update your Anti-virus Definition Regularly

Today's Tip for Safer Computing: Update your Antivirus Definition Regularly

Yesterday's tip for safer computing was Get the Right Anti Virus. Now assuming that you already have a good anti-virus installed, the question to ask yourself is, "How often should I update my virus definition file?"

Having a the right anti-virus installed in your computer does not guarantee a long term protection against computer virus or any other malware. New virus and variants of the existing virus pop-up almost every minute and if you are always connected online, chances are high that a virus or a malware will contaminate your computer. To minimize this, you must regularly update your Antivirus or the virus definition file

Safer Computing Note: Virus Definition File- is the file that contains the list of known viruses, their signatures and even how they behave. This is used by your anti-virus program to identify if a virus or a malware on your computer. Hence, your antivirus will catch only virus that are listed on the definition file or some of their variants.

"How often should I update my antivirus definition file?"
For Online Computers - if your computer is always online, chances are your antivirus program updates this file regularly. If you want to know how often your anti-virus program updates, leave a comment here and tell me what anti-virus program and version you are using and I'll try to help you find out.

Once A Week Update - normally if you're not connected online all the time, you should update your antivirus definition file for at least once a week. If your computer is not really connected to the Internet, use an antivirus that allows you to download an update file from their site so you can update your computer offline.

Have a safer computing.

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