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Would I know If A Work From Home Program Is Legitimate or a Scam?

Looking for a legitimate work from home program? Probably you have received tons of invitations from people you don't even know and some from people you know to join a certain work from program. Question is: How would I know if this work from home program is legitimate or a scam?

Personally here are my tips on how to weed out the probable scams from the legitimate potential additional source of income.
  1. First rule: If it asks you to pay in order to join, LEAVE ASAP. Why would you pay first when you are looking for a source of income.
  2. Ok this one is free to join, is it legitimate now? One mistake that I have done is jumped into almost any free work from home program. Sure, I haven't paid anything. However after sometime, I didn't get paid either! So probably they earned something from my work and they didn't give me my share (this is getting quite common these days).

    To make sure if it's legitimate or not, search the web. Most probably if it's a scam, you'll find some hundreds of warnings from other previous victims! 
  3. Join a discussion group or forum or at least take a look at the entries of the forums that discusses about work from home program.
My Recent Experience.
Just recently I joined the online community  MyLot . I got into their page while I was ... well looking for a review on one of these work from home program. One thing I realized, they do discuss about of these work from home programs. Not only that they discuss almost anything under the Sun (and the stars). Then I discovered a bonus, they offer their members to earn from the discussion and more! If you want to know more, check out MyLot.

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