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Easter Eggs I - Google

Easter eggs or virtual Easter eggs in computers are hidden features or codes - I'm might add some jokes-  which can be triggered by a series of keys or "a magic word or phrase". Google have "planted" quite a number of Easter eggs in the search engine. Here are some of the "magic words" and description to bring out the bunny!

First off all open your browser and go to Then try these one by one and see what happens. (Best of you click the back button before you try the next one.).

Note: Do not include the double quotation marks (") when entering the phrase in Google.
  1. Google Easter Eggs - type these words - "Google Easter Eggs" - (doesn't matter if its upper case or lower case)  and on the Google search box then click "I'm feeling lucky"
  2. Looking for Chuck Norris? - type "Find Chuck Norris" and click "I'm feeling lucky" -see what Google has to say.
  3. Googl3 s4ys -r34d th15- type "Google l33t" and click "I'm feeling lucky" and read
  4. Google Gothic - type "Google Gothic" and click ... you know what to click by now and see what happens. Take a look at the buttons in particular.
  5. For the Free BSD and Linux lovers, type these words and see what happens
    Google bsd
    Google linux
  6. Google Microsoft - type "Google Microsoft" 
  7. Talk to Ewmew ... I mean Elmer Fudd- Type: ewmew fudd ...(you know what to do next)
  8. Do you speak Klingon? - Enter "xx-klingon"
  9. How about piglatin? - Type "xx-piglatin"
  10. Do you know bork? - type xx-bork
  11. Feeling loco? - type "Google loco"
  12. And finally do you want to know the answer to life, universe and everything?
    type: "answer to life, the universe and everything" and this time click GOOGLE SEARCH
If you know more Easter eggs in any other common computer application, please share.

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