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Which Antivirus Software should I use? (Tips for choosing anti-virus program for you)

There are lots of Anti-virus software these days and it's quite confusing which to choose from. Before you take out your credit card and buy one, I made this check list for you.

  1. First of all check the Internet for the review of the anti-virus software packages. 
  2. Consider the pros an cons of each. 
  3. Consider your hardware some anti-virus programs tend to be heavy on the resources. 
  4. Consider which one is easy for you to update some programs allow only on-line updates
  5. Last but not least Consider your budget. Some anti-virus companies offer free versions of their product with some limitations.
For your convenience here are some of the links that Google will return when you search for Top 10 anti-virus.
  1. Best Antivirus 10 Top Antivirus Best 2010 
  2. Top 10 Antivirus Programs 2010 | Jaxo 
  3. Top Standalone Antivirus Software for 2010 - PCWorld 
  4. The Best 10 Antivirus Programs For 2010
As you can see, each site give different results check also how they conducted their reviews.
Lastly here's my personal choice.
  1. Bitdefender 
  2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  3. Eset Nod32
Have a safer computing

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