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Turn Your Photo to Sketch

I'll give the credit where it's due. I followed the tutorial on to create this one. I found other tutorials but so far I found photoshopsupports' way easier to follow and a bit more precise.

On this one, I made some experiments.
  1. After duplicating the original image to another layer, I selected and deleted the background image so that the final output will show the person only.
  2. I inserted another layer between the background layer and the duplicate layer and filled it with white to cover the background layer.
  3. Then I followed the rest of the steps as stated in
  4. I applied the Sharpen filter on the second layer several times, to give additional effects

 On this version, before following step 2 of the tutorial, I applied the Poster Edges filter on the second layer then adjusted the brightness to 10 and contrast to 30.
It gave a charcoal effect (sort of)

Thanks to NiƱa for allowing me to use her photo.

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