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Happy 30th Birthday Pac-MAn!

I wondered why Google is displaying Pac-man instead of their logo today.

I found out the reason when I opened and a discussion about it was started. The reason Pac-Man is on today is, the  yellow dot-munching orb has turned 30 today!

Way back in the 80's we used to play this in an Atari II (err... Atari was the PSPof that era heheh). It was the most popular arcade game at that time and we would spend a whole afternoon playing Pac-Man! As far as I remember, I got as high as level 47. At this level- my hands were aching already from holding the joystick- the ghosts... I think in their frustration to capture Pac-man got a shot of steroids for they are running twice as fast as Pac-man! And in minutes, my 40+ lives are gone!!

For the Pac-Man lovers out there and in celebration of his 30th Birthday, I found at least two sites where you can download the Pac-Man ringtones.

And of course let's enjoy again to an 80's hit by Buckner & Garcia,  Pac-Man Fever!


  1. Oh how nice Happy Pac-man :)
    nice post buddy this is what a blog is keep up the good work


  2. Thanks for nice comment, Awais. :)