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Problem connecting using SMARTBRO

For these past few days I've been having problem with my SMARTBRO. I got word from a friend that he's having similar problem as well. Not only that, the Internet connection of the institution where I am working at is having the same problem, which is a subscriber of PLDT broadband. Now the problem, I found out is on their DNS server.

How did I know? The rest of the computers in our institution is using PLDT's DNS server, while the unit I am using in particular is using the OpenDns server. As the name implies it's open and FREE! Not to mention it is much more stable and much much reliable. The effect is, the rest of computers in our network can not connect to the Internet except for the one that I am using. So what I did is I reconfigured the company router and presto! Problem solved!

Sad to say though for SMARTBRO users. I tried to reconfigure my not-very-SMARTBRO to use the OPENDNS, it seems it can't be done. So I for almost a day , today, I wasn't able to use my SMARTBRO, and to think  I have registered this to their UNLISURF 200, which is about to expire in a few minutes!

I tried to give a feed back through SMARTBRO's "FEEDBACK page on their site, but I there's no form to fill up and not even an email address to contact them!

I'm tempted to do some flaming here, but that's not the right thing to do in a blog. I just hope that smart will have a better service. :(

If I still have time, I'll post here how to configure your PC to use  OpenDns. But you have to sign up first with them. It's free.

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