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Automated Election Successful

When the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machines were tested a few days before the election, a glitch on the system was detected. Almost everyone else have blamed or wanted to blame Smartmatic- the company who developed the system- for the error. I even saw in the news one former government official demanded for a full investigation and ranted that the "People responsible must be hanged!". [Read the details here]

Smartmatic in response assumed responsibility for the glitch.

Now, two days after the election, I believe, Smartmatic has delivered their services with only 0.5%- 0.6% of the machines malfunctioned and they have responded to these. As a result, a day after the election it is already apparent who have won the Presidential election, and it is already obvious who won on the several national positions. Most of the victors for the local positions (at the time of writing) has been determined already.

Fears of automated cheating, failure of election has been totally erased. Election related violence has been greatly reduced. Ballot box  snatching and switching has been eradicated (there's nothing more to snatch anyway). And I believe Comelec after the series of scandals they went through the past elections have redeemed themselves.

Automation will become now part of the polling system. Thanks to modern technology. A history was just made.

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