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Automated Election

Today, the very first automated election in the Philippines has just started. Using this technology is new for most if not all Filipinos. However, there are still questions that lingers and below are some of mine. Perhaps these echoes the questions of others as well.
  • Will the use of technology, fully eliminate or at least reduce the accounts of cheating? 
  • Will we know the results in a matter of days or weeks instead of months? 
  • Will there be technical problems today?
  • Since many Filipinos, sad to say, haven't even touched a computer yet, will they be able to follow the instructions carefully?
  • What will happen if a large percentage of the ballots will be rejected?
Perhaps there are more questions that needs to be answered and the answers will be known by the end of the day. I hope and I pray that all will go well and the expensive PCOS machines will not have any glitches.

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  1. I hope all goes well at the election as in the UK we had pollers being turned away from polling stations as they had ran out of ballot forms. I will keep following you blog to find out the results and your future posts.