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Today in the History of Technology

Today in the History of Technology

In February 11, 1847 the 'Wizard of Menlo Park' was born. The nickname was given to the one of the most prolific inventor in our history - Thomas Alva Edison. Widely known for his very practical invention, the electric light bulb,  the American inventor, scientist and businessman, have developed many more devices that influenced our lives even up to this date.

Perhaps we can connect the widely used devices today to some of Edison's inventions. |The portable I-pod and Mp3 players could not have been developed if Mr. Edison had not invented the phonograph.

The commonly used handy-digital video camera these days is an evolution of the Edison Motion Picture.
 He also has a number of inventions that greatly contributed to telecommunications and mass media communications. Inventions that perhaps lead to the development of the cellular phones today. But all these inventions could not possibly continue to work if Edison has not developed the power station as well.

Thanks to Mr. Edison for all his inventions, for without them, the world of technology is perhaps will be quite different these days.


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