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Google Docs, Your Online Office Application

I have started using Google Docs last summer and I found it quite a bit useful especially for people  who are always online. But what is Google Docs?

Google Docs is Google's online office applications- word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and even drawing. Yes , it's online! Meaning, you can access your documents from any computer with internet connection, a browser and a Google account.

Document.- It's like your favorite word processor online. It has the common and useful features you need to make a document, format fonts and paragraph, adjust alignment, insert pictures and others. The advantages of Google Docs is being online. The document is saved in Google's server, but you can save a copy to your computer if you want to. You can download a copy in word, text, rich text, html, ODT, or even PDF format.

Here's a run down of the other benefits and features.
  •  Upload your document to Google Docs- yes it's easy as uploading any file.
  • Accessibility - you can access your documents from any computer with Internet connection
  • Compatibility- since the application itself is online, you don't have to worry about compatibility.
  • file sharing and collaborative work. I think this one of the major benefits of Google Docs. It's not just a simple file sharing, it allows you and your colleague to work collaboratively on a document. Meaning you can work on a document and let others edit your work online, without e-mailing the document back and forth.
Watch the video for more information.

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  1. it's sounds useful! I am gonna try it. thanks for the useful post.