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Migrating from my old tekbytes blogs

There's always a time that will come that one must move from one place and seek what could be a better place. Change is inevitable. In order to grow, one must not dwell in the past forever.  This time has come to my blog. For quite sometime, my blogs has been dormant and left without updates.

This summer, as I revisited my blogs and thought I must make something out of my blogs. As I looked at one of my blogs and tried to make some changes, I realized, I'm no longer contented with what I see. I need something more. Thus I decided that I will be migrating from my tekbytes blog from my and to this new blog. The first one was quite simple to use, so easy to update, but I now find it limited in features. The later... the name is simply too long!

Thus is now the home of this blog.

More updates, changes and features will regularly added from now on.

Enjoy the summer

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