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Getting a virus from USB / Flashdisk

Probably you're one those who's computer got infected by a virus from your USB or flashdisk.

Before anything else… technically these so called viruses that get transferred through usb or flashdisks are worms or other form of malicious softwares (malwares) and not technically viruses (although when I talk about this to other people I refer to them as virus too … for easy reference and I don’t have to explain myself what the heck is a worm)

Most, if not all, of  the time this type of malware infects your computer if you insert your flash disk to an infected computer then the malware will write a copy of itself into the flash disks along with the the file autorun.inf.  Then when you insert your flashdisk to your computer and open it, the worm will be activated and infect your computer too. Can this be avoided? The answer is difinitely YES!
Avoiding the spread of your worm is very easy and you don’t even need an anti-virus or anti-malware to do this. All you have to do is change the way you open your flash disk!
I’ll be posting a more generic procedure how to avoid infecting your computer. Also how prevent your flashdisk to become the carrier of worms.
 Have a nice summer!
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