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New Yahoo Mail! Better and Faster!

When I logged in to Yahoo mail today I was greeted with this Yahoo splash page:

 One thing that you could notice instantly is the simplistic yet attractive design and color combination. For sure you wouldn't hesitate to click the "Let's Go" button. I did not and it did not took me a minute to click that button.

After I clicked the "Let's Go!" button, I was surprised how quickly the New Yahoo Mail's first page got loaded!  

Again, what is pretty obvious is the new design: very simple, especially on the color combination, yet, it's pleasing to the eyes and you could even say very attractive. What else is good in this new Yahoo mail? click the Inbox and any of your mail.

The splash page says the new Yahoo Mail is  2x faster. Frankly speaking, I think Yahoo! is being modest, because I think it's much faster than that.

So, If you haven't tried it yet, click that "Let's Go" button!

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