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Have you encountered any new virus or worms, malware lately?

For years now, I have always been excited to encounter new virus or worms or any other form of malware (as long as they don't completely disable my system). The latest to date is when I found the zacurama.exe worm hidden in some of my students' flash drives. Since I wasn't able to find solutions from the Internet,  I tried to remove the worm manually.

After I did it, I posted the steps in
Hopefully, this posted have helped a lot of computer users out there.

I've always wanted to know if you have encountered new strains of worms or viruses out there. And maybe I can help you remove it from your computer. You can post your comments here or better yet you can join me at Mylot and we can discuss your problem (and earn along the way) or join directly the discussion at (Of course you need to be a member of Mylot to join the disccusion).

Whichever way, I want to hear about your problems regards worms and viruses. Maybe we can find a solution for them

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