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Stop Accessing Unwanted Sites with k9

Today’s Tip For Safer Computing: Stop Accessing Unwanted Site with K9

With hundreds (or probably thousands) of websites popping up everyday, it is very difficult to determine which is a valid website or a site purposely created with malicious intent. Some of these sites are phishing sites or pharming sites or could be sources of some forms of virus, worms and other malwares. Some are scam sites that could take the time and/or money of people who are looking for some ways to earn money online. Some are simply sites that, if you're a parent, simply don't want your children to access like adult, online-gambling sites or even sites that offer violent games as a form of entertainment.

Unfortunately, anti-virus and anti-malware utilities are not capable of to blocking these sites (which could be sources of malwares your anti-virus and anti-malware programs can't detect yet). Using the browser's web filtering means you have to see first if a site falls under these malicious site and updating it probably everyday.

Fortunately, there's one utility that once installed, you'll never have to worry about these sites again.K9 Web Protection from Blue Coat.

Last June I posted here how K9 could protect you from fake anti-virus and other hoaxes. Among other things what k9 can do is, block adult sites, gambling sites and any other sites that could belong any category that you want block. (You can even block social networking sites if you think its necessary).

Lately, since I've been looking for some ways to earn some extra cash online, I have been joining some sites like PTC sites and other sites that offers to earn extra cash. Some of these sites are simply made with the intention of scamming some cash from the ones who are looking to earn some! The main problem however is to determine which is a legitimate site and a scam site. Some of these sites posts ads to other legitimate PTC sites.

With K9 installed however in my computer, it blocks these sites and shows a message that the site in question falls under illegal or unwanted site. Although it does not filter out all scam sites (perhaps others were not yet reviewed by K9's staff) at least it already filter out some of these sites for me.

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