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How to Prevent Autorun from Running: Right Click for Safety

Autorun which is supposed to be a valid windows service. It automatically launches a file once a flash-disk  or a CD/DVD is inserted. However this service has been exploited by work makers. These days, one of the most common carriers of malware are the flash disks or USB disk. When your flash disk is infected and you insert it ina computer, it will run the malware, put a part of it in the memory, create copies of it in the local drive(s) and wait for another flash disk to be inserted and contaminate, then the cycle starts again. (Read the details about Autorun.inf here).

One way to stop Autorun from running is messing with the registry. Many of you however don't want to do this for various reasons. So an alternative to stop autorun from running every time you insert your flash disk is HOW you insert your flash disk and HOW you open.

1. Press the "Shift" Key  when inserting the flash disk. Usually when you insert the flash disk you usually see the image below.

One of these options can launch the autorun.inf already and if it is a malware launcher, then the malware has already infected the computer. To avoid this, press Shift key when inserting the disk and it will not run the Autorun.inf.

2. Right Click and Explore- another instance that an autorun.inf is launched is when you double-click the flash drive.  When you double-click any drive and it has an autorun.inf in it, the autorun and will launch the malware. Right Clicking the drive however will give you an option.

A drive with an autorun will give you a pop-up menu like this. This one is infected with an imgkulot worm.

A drive without an autorun will give you a pop-up menu like the one below.
Whether your flash disk is infected or not the safest option  to choose is explore.

Do the right-click and explore when opening folders as well for precautions.

Practice safer computing.

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