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Web Apps Review: Google Docs (Word Processor)

Google Docs is Google's online office application that allows Internet users to create, save, and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentation, forms, and drawings online.
I've been using Google Docs for quite sometime now. I found to be useful specially that sometimes I do my work at home. Instead of saving it in a USB, I simply save it online then continue working with the same document at work.
As I continue to use this web application I slowly discover or realize more of its benefits and limitations. Below are the lists:

  • Accessibility- since the file is saved online you can access it anytime anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection
  • Compatibility- you no longer have to worry if the computer you will be using has the same version or the same word processor as the one you are using at home. The application itself is accessible online. Plus you can save the document in different (but limited versions).
  • No installation necessary- Well the as mentioned above, the application is available online, you don't have to install it to your computer.
  • Document Sharing- sharing the document is as easy as sending an e-mail invitation to your friends or colleagues or even your boss whom you want to see the document and if you update the document, you don't have to send it again. Unlike sending the document as an attachment, that after editing your work you need to send it again. With Google docs, what you see, is what they get,
  • Work collaboration- not only you share the document online, you can allow co-workers to edit the document online for a real time work collaboration. So if you are working on a common project, you will see instantly what others have edited.
Limitations:As a word processor, I found out the following limitations
  • Requires Internet Connection - a classic double edged sword example, its strength can become its weakness also if the other computer you want to work on does not have an Internet connection.
  • Limited Formatting - as you can see on the screen shot, the paragraph formatting is quite very limited. The font type is also very limited to common web fonts.
  • Table Limitations - The table is has no merge cells feature as of now.
For now these are the benefits and limitations that I have realized with Google Docs  Word Processor. If you have used this web application already, I really would like to hear from you... specially if you want to add something to this list I would appreciate it if you will.

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