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Protect Your Self From Fake AV and Other Scams and Hoaxes

Intro: This is still part of my (now has become a series of posts) fake anti-virus posts. This time I'm recommending K9 (not the dog) for your protection.

One of the most effective utility I have found and have been using for years is the K9 Web Protection. Not only I use to block those pornographic sites (Good for parents). It can also help protect you from accidentally downloading those fake anti-virus and other hoaxes.

K9 is very effective in blocking illegal and unwanted sites plus it is very easy to use. Primarily intended for parental control of Internet use of their kids, K9 is capable of blocking sites that are sources of malwares like fake anti-virus, downloaders, Trojan horses.

K9 category based rules, parents get a plus for being able to block online games, gambling and other sites they don't want their kids to see in the Internet.

What's more? It's free!

Get it from their site K9 Web Protection now and get protected.

(Note: This is not a paid ad. I actually recommend it as I have been doing for quite sometime)

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  1. this is cool! is there a version which I can install in network/proxy server? So that I don't need to install this to every workstation.