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Creating Multi Media Blog Has Never Been Easier

Create your multi-media blog with ease using Apture add-on for Firefox. Inserting images and videos in your blog has never been easier.

If you are a Blogpost user, all you need to do is high-light the topic you want then:
  • click the Add Apture embed button. 

  • Then on the Add Apture Embed pop-up window you can select what type of media you want to embed. 
  • Click Go then Apture will search different sites for the media you want. This saves a lot of time searching for the media in different servers one at a time

Example:  I have posted before some funny videos here. I don't even have to open a new tab or browser window to go to youtube or other media servers to search for one. All I have to do is type funny computer then highlight those words,click the Apture embed button, select "video" as the media type then click Go.
You have then list of videos from different sites. After selecting the video you want, click Embed

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