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Recommended tool: CCleaner

Lately a colleague  of mine referred to me that the Mozilla Firefox in his laptop slows down after a while. So I scanned it with an anti-virus software, then used Malwarebytes to clean it for malwares. It was easy enough, found and cleaned a number of malwares from the system. When I tried it online, it was faster than before, sure enough, however, about ten minutes later, browsing seems to have slowed down to a snail-pace-pulling-the-Titanic!

I ran the virus and malware cleaners again. Nothing! It's clean. However, based on my experience, some malwares tend to leave some nasty residue in the system that keeps it slow! (Some so called techies would result to reformat the hard drive when they encounter something like this).

So I thought of CCleaner. I downloaded and ran it and cleaned everything! After restarting the laptop, I used it online for over an hour without a problem at all!

I have actually tried other optimizing utilities.. but I'd rather not mention the name of those. In the end though, I end up downloading the latest version of CCleaner of Piriform!

Here's a screen shot:

CCleaner can clean temporary files left by browsers like, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and more!. It can also clean Windows' temporary files, Recycle bin, Recent Documents, and log files (great for getting rid of your tracks off the pc you recently used hehe) and of course, it's also capable of cleaning the registry and have I mentioned how easy and fast CCleaner does all these? Much faster than the built in utilities for sure. :D

And before I forget, it has utilities to manage your start up too and uninstaller not only for CCleaner but uninstaller for what you have installed in your computer.

Have a safer computing